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11.08.09 (8:23 am)   [edit]
In bed enjoying a steaming mug of coffee. Tuxie is laying across my lap - appears that he is fascinated with what I am writing. Anna Karina is on tv - Velvet seems to be fascinated with that. (I guess she's a romantic?)

Tuxie says hello. Additionally, he says, send tuna and catnip. And rub his tummy. 
He can be a total pain in the ass, but sometimes he is a total loverboy. This is one of those moments. 


posted by: auntconi (reply)
post date: 11.08.09 (4:47 pm)

kitties can be so sweet

posted by: LadyG (reply)
post date: 11.08.09 (11:21 pm)

Glad you are having a nice relaxing day withe the kitties,, hope you put some pictures up soon.

posted by: rosietulips (reply)
post date: 11.09.09 (10:03 am)

Oooh, how relaxing! And you're back!

posted by: auntconi (reply)
post date: 11.11.09 (9:20 am)

Sorry I didn't send Tuxie any tuna ~ I made myself a sandwich!

posted by: auntconi (reply)
post date: 11.17.09 (8:42 pm)

Just checking in to see if you are all right.

Surrogate was asking how you were as he hadn't seen you around ... LadyG told him you were busy.

We lost a blogger recently ~ bawdy. Don't know if you heard about it. Anyway he hadn't been around for several weeks and several of us had inquired as to his whereabouts. Turns out he was hospitalized for a stroke and died three weeks later. Sad and we will miss him. Not sure if you are familiar with him but he is one of the old-timers.

And since you hadn't been around surrogate asked ... wanting to make sure you were all right.

So, I know you are busy, but just so you know we do miss you when you don't stick your head in and say "hi" once in a while.

I was wondering about your surgery, but in checking some other posts I see you say it is to be around Christmas time ... keep us posted, please!

posted by: scubadiva (reply)
post date: 11.18.09 (5:22 pm)

Reply to: auntconi
Just working a lot. Fortunate to have a job, have a job that I love, and have a job that I make a darn good living with. I was recently recognized with a NICE stock option award, so all is groovy.

I will be hospitalized again this year around Xmas to fix my broken nose and sinus issues. Outpatient. 3rd Xmas in a row where I will be post-op. Instead of mistletoe, it's morphine. (ha ha)

posted by: auntconi (reply)
post date: 11.18.09 (6:43 pm)

Reply to: scubadiva

Nice to hear that you LOVE your job. A lot of people work all their lives at a job they do not like just to support their family ~ that would be horrible, but I personally know of some who have done just that. Thank goodness they were able to retire and can now really enjoy their life.

Will be thinking of you as you work and make all that money ~ :)

Please check in once in a while, okay?

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