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11.07.09 (9:05 am)   [edit]

I was invited to the Halloween party of a client of mine. He owns more than 5 car dealerships here in Atlanta. Also does a lot of other stuff. Hot Stud & I went to his mountain home last fall. Genuinely super-nice guy. (Married, kids, etc).

I was looking forward to it. But I was in a quandry. I wanted to look hot/sexy but not slutty. Never been a fan of the slutty look - just not me. Hot Stud had told a mutual friend that he was going with several 'slave girls' (me rolling eyes). I just wanted to 'bring it'. 

Spent a lot of time looking for a costume. The party said it was a 'gothic' theme and must wear mask. Hmmm.

Ended up with a gorgeous black/red floral corset, a short black crinoline, a gorgeous black velvet cape with red velvet interior, black thigh-highs with bows pulled down to just above my knees. Found a beautiful back mask with red beading. I must say, I loved the corset.

My mutual friend was going to go with me, but he was sick as a dog. So I went solo. It was kinda like "Pretty in Pink's" prom scene. I had to go, and I wasn't going to let Hot Stud dictate things. I knew if I looked hot, I'd be more confident.

House was UNBELIEVABLE. HUGE. Valet parking. I knew this guy was wealthy, but this was a completely different level of wealth. Spent a couple of hours there. It was mostly married couples, so I felt a little out of place. There had to be more than 300 people there. Amazing costumers. Four different women complimented the corset. 

Hot Stud texted me that he was on the way. I figured we'd run into each other - but the place was so crowded - I never saw him. I went home after midnight.

The corset was getting uncomfortable after 4 hours, when the valet delivered my car, the first thing I did was take it off. I could breathe! The cape covered "things" driving home - but I was praying that I didn't hit a DUI check or get a flat tire! There was NO way I'd be able to get back in that corset discreetly!

After I was almost home - Hot Stud texted me again - asked where I was. I deleted it. Didn't respond. It really didn't matter.

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