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Alive & Well-ish
11.07.09 (8:51 am)   [edit]

Yes, I am alive. Work has had me slammed and I've been dealing with a relentless sinus infection for six weeks now. I am scheduled (finally) for surgery on my broken nose right before Xmas. I haven't been able to breathe out of my left nostril for almost 2 years now. Caused wicked headaches and is contributing to the sinus infection. 

Last week I spoke at a national small business convention. I did a 90 min. seminar on marketing. It went well - they asked me to do a 2nd one in the afternoon due to demand. Uber-flattering. Had fun and would LOVE to do more. (And get paid for it!) I will probably end up with 4 or 5 new clients as a result. Doing another radio interview in 2 weeks as well. I am trying to keep a low profile with this stuff at work.

Nothing else very exciting to report. All work, no play. I have a new client that is a former NFL player. He's married so no chance. But he is sooo dreamy and nice. I am getting some traction with professional relationships that is taking me to a higher circle of people.

Have had 2 client issues that have been sucking the life force out of me. I have been asking my boss repeatedly for assistance. He's always busy. I was finishing up some work Friday evening - office is empty except him. He comes over and asks if there is anything he can help with. I start going into the details with these two clients. This leads to a 2 1/2 hour 'intensive' conversation. Instead of offering ideas of what to do to handle the situations - he starts getting into philosophy of what I should have done. If I had a magic wand (other than my vibrator which is called 'Magic Wand'), I would have never signed these two up. I need guidance in what to do NOW. A girl calls him on his cell phone - I can hear what she's saying. (He asks her what she's doing tonight. He walks away from my desk. He keeps pushing her to watch a movie together. She apparently tells him she doesn't want to.) Then another person calls and he asks them if they want to do something.. (I was relieved he didn't suggest we do something!) I haven't had 5 minutes with him since February. This was MORE than I needed at any one time.

However, 1 of the problem clients is coming in Tuesday to do a campaign review. (If he wasn't the brother of one of my bigger clients that refers business to me... I wouldn't have taken him.) The client is being borderline abusive to me. I'm keeping my cool with client, but it's really driving me bonkers. My boss said he was looking forward to customer coming in. (I just want to sit back and let them duel it out.)

After the boss left (finally!) at 8:30pm - I texted coworker (the office slut) that I had been subjected to 2 1/2 hours with him. She called me. She thought it was one of those sessions where he makes coworkers cry. Nope. Told her it was just too much of him. Then she asked me what happened to 'us'. She said "we used to be such good friends". Her version of "good friends" is calling me with her problems and crying. Me listening and trying to be supportive. Her calling me at all hours because of drama. I invited her to my birthday lunch clusterfuck. She said she'd be there. Talked & texted about it. I told her that I was heading to the restaurant. She never showed. Never said another word about it. (Her bday was a few months before - I gave her a very nice gift and card - which was never acknowledged.)

The no-show for the bday lunch was the straw that put a fork in our 'friendship'. I've been cordial to her, but I am not going to invest any more energy. She's a taker. I told her about the birthday stand up. (This was August.) She said she never knew anything about my birthday. (Bullshit). She said my 'friendship' meant the world to her. (Apparently.) I am patient with people, but there comes a point where the equation of relationship ain't worth it. 

She said it was really awesome that I was 'recognized' by the company to receive stock options - there were about 50 people that got them, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I said it means little - there is no IPO date. I'd gotten options before at other jobs. She said I was 'ungrateful' for it. Um, fuck you.

Reality is, my office is really clique-ish. The main group drinks a lot, spends money like it's going out of style. The rent apartments that were more than double my mortgage, they drive leased Mercedes and Land Rovers. There are a few other coworkers that don't run with this main group - they are the married w/ kids folks. I am just not interested in hanging with any of them. (Only 1 I had done anything with socially was the office slut - and that was a visit to IKEA) I love my job - what I do - but I absolutely HATE being in the office. Fortunately, most of my time is spent out of the office.  It's funny - I am SO different in the office than when I am out and about.

Update: she texted me at 9am "Good morning Sunshine". Barf. 


posted by: LadyG (reply)
post date: 11.07.09 (7:09 pm)

I use to have a friend like that takers,it's all about them.
I am glad that you finally checked in, I was getting worried about you.
Figured you were busy with your job.

posted by: scubadiva (reply)
post date: 11.08.09 (5:20 am)

Reply to: LadyG
She texted me 4 more times yesterday asking if I was pissed at her, etc. Called three times. One voicemail.
We have not interacted since August and suddenly she's driving me nuts. I told her clearly Friday that I didn't consider us friends. (I actually never considered her a friend...) I'm done. Done. Done.

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